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I hope you have been enjoying your summer here in the beautiful Northwest! Despite the market highs,the last month or so has been volatile in the market along with other potentially disturbing news. To help you digest this daily barrage of news I will refer you to three tools.
1.    On the approximate 1 year anniversary of our past newsletter, I ask you to check out "Market Déjà Vu? – August 19th, 2013" on the GWM website   which reviews the value in looking at your accounts over periods of 18-24 months during times of uncertainty.
2.    Look over this article from Global Financial Private Capital reviewing the concept that though Market Corrections are Not Predictable they are generally considered...
3.    And please take a look at the video in our recent blog post which touches on the concept of Positive Focus  ( ) something I think is especially important to implement during uncertain times or times that appear negative especially due to the way the "news" prioritizes the way they report.
Having knowledge and the right resources is always empowering and I believe you’ll find value in the concepts I’ve shared. I look forward to our next meeting together. Please keep our free of charge, second opinion service in mind for your friends and family. It is especially valuable during these record highs and times of uncertainty. It will help those you care about protect themselves with our fiduciary, best-in-class subject matter expert approach.
With Gratitude,


Amy's Recipe Box

Steve wanted to share one of his favorite recipes in the newsletter today, this Cedar Plank Salmon recipe is perfect for your next summer barbeque! Don't worry, we've included some great tips about using cedar planks too :) Happy grilling!

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