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As summer unofficially arrives with the Memorial day holiday, there is little downtime at ACP. The Nashville conference is behind us, although the videos are available on the website for one more review, and planning for New Orleans in 2018 has begun.

Committees and task forces are meeting to discuss current issues and set objectives for the coming months. Jump in and get involved. Current guides and best practices are available in the member are of the website. 

In the newsletter are insights form Kantar Media, Valassis and Inmar as well as member developments from Flipp and Sonoco along with association news to keep you up to speed on the coupon industry 

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Creating Coupon Harmony in Nashville:

The Association of Coupon Professionals Celebrates 12th Annual Industry Coupon Conference

The Scene

In our industry, managing change is like composing a song, making sure each instrument complements the next, which is why Nashville provided the perfect backdrop for coupon experts to share insights and explore industry trends. Coupons are entering a pivotal moment in time as demographics shift and preferences change. The professionals who gathered in Music City set out to explore the leading influences in today’s marketplace including millennials, digital, and personalization.

The Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) celebrated its 12th Annual Industry Coupon Conference in 2017, “Creating Harmony”. The event marked another successful annual gathering of established industry thought leaders and many first-time attendees.

Insight: Kantar Media Cartwheel Offer Discounts Infographic

Insight: Inmar 2017 Promotion Industry Analysis

Insight: Kantar Media Cleanlabel Messaging Increase Infographic

Insight: Valasssis eBook: Motivating The Dynamic Shopper

Purchase Decisions In-Progress

Are you nudging consumers, who seem glued to their digital devices, into action? If they see ads, but don’t click, is that a fail? Is there any little thing you can do to move them along – from awareness to purchase?

Read findings from our recent consumer study. Learn what’s happening with consumers and what’s wise for marketers.

By knowing where and how digital ads impact shopping and buying decisions, you can hone your advertising plans to prime and ignite consumer action.

Members Corner: Flipp- the Digital Future of Weekly Shopping

With tens of millions of active users, Flipp helps you reach and activate consumers on the digital path to purchase. Learn about the company that’s building the next generation of coupons today.

Member’s Corner: Sonoco Launches PromoPeel™ Integrated Label Technology

HARTSVILLE, S.C., U.S. – Sonoco (NYSE: SON), one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, now offers PromoPeel™ Integrated Label Technology for flexible packaging, which allows brand owners to create an instant redeemable coupon or label as a part of the product packaging, guaranteeing a consistent label position while saving production time and costs. The label lays flat, removes cleanly and eliminates scanning issues at the register.
“Customers lead increasingly busy lives and demand convenience. They want coupons that they don’t need to search for, clip or remember to bring to the store,” said Marcy Thompson, vice president, marketing and innovation. “Instant redeemable on-pack coupons fu
lfill this need, while also driving impulse purchases and product trials.”

May | 2017

Association News

Please welcome our newest members to the ACP:

Hangzhou Miya Information Technology CO, LTD
Johnson & Johnson
Bar Code Graphics
Oklahoma Food Industry Coupon Redemption Services
SAGA Health

Thank You for valuing the resources ACP provides and supporting the coupon industry.


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