December 2010





Haiti Earthquake

 January 12, 2010

 Keep the Vision


      GreenMicrofinance Center™  



Support HAITI


Building Training Program


Creating Environmentally Sustainable Building Solutions  

GreenMicrofinance Center is US-based 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

Help Build Natural  Homes


GreenMicrofinance is overseeing the building of 2 homes, working side-by-side with rural Haitians. 



Building  includes:

  §      Materials and Labor

§        Train Ecological Methods

§        Business Development Skills

§        Testing & Engineering
§        Solar and Water Systems

§        Waste Management

§        Watershed Management


We plan on building January and February 2011. 


We seek $30,000 matching funds to complete 2 homes.



All gifts large and small will help us reach our goal .


$30,000 Goal





GreenMicrofinance Center
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
(610) 906-5765




   Natural Construction Training Program

Build Ecologically


Use of appropriate and natural materials

Introduction to new methods of building

bamboo, compressed earth block, clay, lime, washed sand & gravel


Train Local Builders & Create Jobs


Train builders, vocational technical school students, engineers

Curriculum development & simulation training for mobile devices

Create new jobs related to building

solar energy, water, rainwater harvesting


Build Safer Homes and Structures


Design secure shelter that is culturally-derived and sensitive

Design shelter that performs to seismic standards

Hands-on supervision





Federal Tax EIN Number  80-0276083

All Donations Tax Deductible!



Paulette and Daniel


Despite Paulette and Daniel's meager resources, they were in the process of building a house on a little patch of land that Daniel owned.  While their concrete home was being built, they lived in a crude structure made of banana-tree bark (called pay) -- it is one of the cheapest building materials out there.  Their concrete house was nearly completed when the earthquake hit, and needless to say, it fell, as did their makeshift home as well.  They rebuilt a temporary structure in Paulette's mother's front yard.